444 Patron Campaign UPDATE - It is Over

444 Patron Campaign Update
The campaign is over, as is this phase of the Recipro City experiment. .
I have no choice but to go back to trading, at least, some of my art and services for $s.
Total contributions, over this past month, equal $33.00. I clearly cannot survive on that. I have 1/8th of a tank of gas and $0.
Thank you, to the handful of people who got into the true spirit of this experiment, by gifting me, free of needing something directly from me in return, for your contributions.
Thanks also to those of you who tacked on a few extra $s, when paying for shipping.
I Love and appreciate you all, for your support, and for taking part in my experiment.

Regarding My Arrangement With Jeremiah

I feel I need to express something, regarding my arrangement with Jeremiah.
(The picture above is a sculpture I created He Is "Washita" a Warrior of the Tree People Tribe. He lives here with Jeremiah.)

I've had a couple friends say they don't think he should be charging me anything, for me to stay here, since I'm work so hard, for him.

Please understand, he was wanting someone here to help with bills. He offered his extra space to me, on those terms. I accepted, knowing this.

He could have offered this space to someone else.

Jeremiah is not taking care of me. That is not his duty, or obligation, so please don't put it on him.

He did not ask me to do any of the work I'm doing. I am performing these services, as a gift. I have no expectation of compensation, of any kind, from Jeremiah.

However, he has been very generous with me. He shares his food, he keeps my CBD bottle full. He shares medicinals with me. He has paid for my dinner, picks things up in town …

Aren't You Just Living Off Other People's Money?

Yeah, But Aren't You Just Living Off Other People's Money?

This question has come up several times, over the past few years. It's time to finally address it.

Yes, other people give me money to live on.

I am grateful to be blessed by my  generous Patrons. Their contributions to my well - being ensure that Gypsy and I are able to live an ample nomadic lifestyle.  Patron $ contributions, so far, have never exceeded the bare minimum of my $ needs.

Would I enjoy having more? Absolutely! Do I think I am worthy of having more? Absolutely! Would I do amazing things that would bless and heal the Whole, and work on behalf of the Highest Good? Absolutely! Do I feel any guilt for asking for this kind of support, from my human family? No.
In my personal belief system...

All I do, I do for You.
You are me.
All I give, I give for free, knowing it'll inevitably flow back to me.
Now, I'm open to receive.
It is the NATURAL WAY of things.

I didn't really intend th…

No More Need to Take

No More Need to Take I used to think I had to always have the energy, between myself and other individuals, consistently balanced. I thought there always needed to be an equal give and take, at all times, between two people, in order for the relationship to be in balanced.

Today, I have a new perception.

I think, it isn't as important that we are in balance with the individual, as it is that we are in balance with the Whole.

I have come to view my previous perception, as being a huge flow stopper.

If you expect an equal exchange, in the moment, directly from the person you gave to... If you force that issue and make them reciprocate or promise a reciprocation, you do not allow The Flow to do its natural thing.

Everything you give comes back. That is an unavoidable law of this Universe. It doesn't matter if it's positive or negative. It doesn't matter if it harms, or helps. It all comes back and most often it is amplified.

Things flow better, for me, now that I have br…

Leaving the Little Stone House

Leaving the Little Stone House

I did not receive all the funds I needed to pay my September rent, so I paid, by the night, until September 13th.

On the 14th, I went back to spend 4 nights at my favorite campsite, on Lake Ouachita, to wait out Hurricane Florence.

In the fall of 2016, I had camped primitive style there, for 6 weeks. I had just arrived in Arkansas then. It felt like coming full circle. It was a really nice way to end my stay in the crystal mountains.

I'm not sad about having to leave the little stone house. It was a wonderful place to stop, and breath. The natural beauty of the place brought me peace and healing. The Happiness Trees, with their fluffy pink blooms, and the plethora of bees, hummingbirds and butterflies they attracted, gave me a joy I'll never forget. The solitude, offered me the rest I needed, before my journey continued, into the most intense phase yet.

When I first moved into the house, I was so tired, from the first 2.5 years, living vagabond …

Spirit Science 21 - Toroidal Flow

Spirit Science 21 - Toroidal Flow

This video offers a simple and understandable explanation of toroidal flow.

This is a subject, near and dear to my heart because it is this natural energetic flow on which my Recipro City project is founded.

It is my opinion that, should we choose to model all social systems on this all-prevailing natural system, every living thing would thrive!

Which brings me to another great presentation, on this same subject. Actually  some of the things, in the Spirit Science video, are from Thrive.


An Early Morning Visit With Possum

An Early Morning Visit With Possum

Early this morning, around 4 am, Gypsy was all in a tizzy over something she smelled, and then saw, outside.

I Love my little temporary room here. It's wonderful because it has 3 windows that open wide. It is just like sleeping in a tent.


I got up to see what all the fuss was about. I put my glasses on and looked out the window. I couldn't immediately see what she was looking at. Suddenly, I caught sight of a movement, by the back steps. I couldn't be certain if it were a rat,  or a small possum, but it wouldn't remain a question, for more than a moment because that little bugger climbed right up on the wood pile that stands just below the window ledge, stood on hind legs and put is nose right up to the screen. If not for the shelf between Gypsy and the window, the two would have been nose to nose.

I wish I'd have had the presence of mind to get pictures of this. Unfortunately, I don't function that well when roused,…